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Piles Medicine

Treat piles using these highly effective piles medicines that are being offered here at Zemaica Healthcare. These are beneficial in relieving burning, swelling, itching and pain caused by haemorrhoids. The said medications work by shrinking pile mass, healing inflamed skin and controlling bleeding. In addition to this, our supplied products also treat inflamed mucus membrane. Piles medicines also treat chronic constipation associated with this problem. These allow pain free faecal excretion owing to their local analgesic properties. The drugs temporarily narrow down the blood vessels in the particular area. Our medicines give symptomatic relief from rectal bleeding. 

Y-Spur Stamina Power

power medicine
Price: 700 INR/Tablet

Piles Stop Medicine

Help to stop body piles.
Price: 499 INR/Pack

medicine for piles

This is the best product for piles patients.
Price: 2498 INR/Bottle

piles capsule

This is the best product for piles patients.
Price: 2498 INR/Piece

piles medicine

This is the best product for piles pain.
Price: 2498 INR/Bottle

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